Does Ruger Security 9 have magazine disconnect?

What is the difference between the Ruger Security-9 and Security-9 Pro?

In the original Ruger Security-9 lineup, guns came equipped with a manual thumb safety. The new Security-9 Pro features no thumb safety and relies on a safety tab built into the trigger.

Is Ruger Security-9 drop safe?

The lack of a firing pin block could make the Security 9 less drop safe than most of its competitors, which feature firing pin blocks. For what it is, the Security 9 is a decent pistol.

What is a pro model safety?

The trigger assembly features a trigger face-mounted safety bar that prevents firing until it is depressed, and an internal sear blocking safety prevents the striker from moving until the trigger is completely pressed to the rear.

Is the Ruger Security 9 mag release reversible?

All controls with the exception of the reversible magazine release have been designed by Ruger exclusively for right-handed users. The Security 9 can only be disassembled using a tool to pry loose the takedown pin and, once removed, the latter is a small part that could be lost.

Can you conceal carry a Ruger Security 9?

Its size and capacity make it a good choice for concealed carry, but it has other features that may appeal to some people. Being hammer fired, the slide is a bit easier to rack than that of a striker-fired gun. So people who have trouble with stiff recoil springs will better enjoy the Security-9.

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Is the Ruger Security 9 good for concealed carry?

Why You Should Consider the Ruger Security-9

Ruger has some of the best concealed carry firearms out there, and the Security-9mm is one of our top picks. In terms of dimensions, it is almost identical to the Glock 19. It even has the G19’s 15+1 capacity.

Is Ruger better than Glock?

The Glock is more accurate, but the Ruger has a better trigger pull. The Ruger costs substantially less money than the Glock, but doesn’t have the Glock’s extensive range of aftermarket accessories. The Ruger was not as mechanically accurate as the Glock. It is, however, almost half the price.

Is the Ruger Security-9 accurate?


The Ruger Security 9 brings a wonderful shooting experience that you wouldn’t expect from a polymer gun of its size. It is a very accurate and reliable pistol, which is quite amazing for such an affordable pistol.

Is the Ruger Security-9 a double action?

Design. The trigger on the Security-9, despite being a double action only, is very light. Ruger calls this mechanism the “Secure Action” design, and it combines the trigger pull of the LCP with single-action, as it has a positive reset.

Is the Ruger American Pistol good?

Overall, the Ruger American Pistol is a high-quality pistol, available at a very good price. It comes with numerous features we really like and has not so many drawbacks. In a market filled with numerous semi-automatic guns, this one is a gun we would definitely recommend buying.

What is DAO trigger?

A double-action trigger, also known as double-action only (DAO) to prevent confusion with the more common hybrid DA/SA designs, is a trigger that must perform the double function of both cocking and releasing the hammer/striker.

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