Frequent question: Why is it important to protect plant species in forests?

Why is it important to protect plants?

But why is it so vital to conserve plants? The natural processes of plants protect our planet and supply the air we breathe and the water we drink. Plants harvest sunlight and are the primary producers of the energy in all food chains.

Why do we need to protect trees?

Why We Should Protect Trees

They clean and filter our air by taking in the carbon dioxide we breathe out and create oxygen in exchange. They act as noise barriers with their thick branches that absorb sound. Trees cut down energy costs by providing shade in the hot summers and insulation in the cold winters.

Why are plants so important?

Plants provide us with food, fiber, shelter, medicine, and fuel. The basic food for all organisms is produced by green plants. In the process of food production, oxygen is released. This oxygen, which we obtain from the air we breathe, is essential to life.

What is the importance of plants and animals?

Plants provide our food, materials for shelter, fuel to warm us and replenish the air we breathe. Plants provide food for animals and habitat for wildlife. Animals both large and small are a critical component to our environment. Domesticated animals, such as livestock, provide us food, fiber and leather.

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Why is it important to protect plants and flowers?

Flowers and plants require of care and protection. Any negligence can make them wilt and raw. This is important because they keep the environment clean. Makes the surrounding beautiful and refreshing.

Why we should plant trees essay?

Trees provide us many benefits some of which we can’t see but they make a huge difference. They help in fighting back the climate changes by absorbing greenhouse gases which are the main cause of climate change. Moreover, they replenish groundwater and filter the air from harmful pollutants and odors.

How plants protect our environment?

Plants maintain the atmosphere. They produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Oxygen is essential for cellular respiration for all aerobic organisms. It also maintains the ozone layer that helps protect Earth’s life from damaging UV radiation.

Why plants and trees are important?

Trees are vital. As the biggest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife. They also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter.

How can we protect plants?

How To Protect Your Plants

  1. Bring Plants Inside. If you can, bring that warm-weather plant inside for the winter. …
  2. Apply Mulch. When heat and moisture escape from soil during the winter months, plants suffer. …
  3. Cover Plants. …
  4. Construct a Cold Frame or Greenhouse. …
  5. Water Plants. …
  6. Install a Heat Source.

Why is it important and necessary to have varied plants and animals in our environment?

Plants and animals have played an important role in human life for as long as they’ve all existed. In fact, without the plants and animals that humans have used for food, labor, tools and companionship over countless generations, society could not have advanced to the point it has today.

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Can plants survive without animals?

No, plants can’t survive without animals or humans. In terms of energy balance, they can survive. Energy balance in the sense (Photosynthesis and respiration are balanced). … So without this animal kingdom, plants cannot perpetuate their race.