How do I update McAfee DLP endpoint?

How do I check my McAfee DLP version?

In the Master Repository, click Check In Package. Select package type Product or Update (. ZIP), then click Browse. McAfee DLP Discover server packages are named Discover_[version number].

How do I install McAfee DLP endpoint?

Enter a group name and select the Platform type. In the Endpoint Protection Software, select McAfee Data Loss Prevention.

Install the MVISION-DLP Endpoint Agent using the link sent to users:

  1. As a user, click the link received from the MVISION ePO administrator. …
  2. Open a terminal session.

How do I push McAfee DLP agent?

Deploy the DLP agent through ePO

Log on to the ePO console. Click System Tree. Click the Assigned Client Tasks tab and edit the Product Deployment task. In the Products and Components list under the Configuration tab, select the existing McAfee Data Loss Prevention version.

Where can download the McAfee DLP extension?

In a web browser, go to

  • Click Download. Enter your grant number, then select the product and version.
  • On the Software Downloads tab, select and save the appropriate file. File description. File name. McAfee Data Loss Prevention extension.

What is the McAfee DLP latest version?

The most recent Long-Term Support release version of McAfee DLP Endpoint is 11.6. 400. As such, version 11.9.

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What is McAfee DLP Endpoint service?

McAfee DLP Endpoint provides comprehensive protection for all possible leaking channels, including removable storage devices, the cloud, email, instant messaging, web, printing, clipboard, screen capture, file- sharing applications, and more.

How do you push ePO to DLP?


  1. In McAfee ePO, select Menu → System Tree.
  2. In the System Tree, select the level at which to deploy McAfee DLP Endpoint. …
  3. Open the Client Task Builder wizard: …
  4. Fill in the Task Builder fields: …
  5. Click Create New Task.
  6. In the Products and Components field, select Data Loss Prevention 11.0, then click Save.

How do I uninstall McAfee DLP endpoint with release code?

Re: How do I uninstall DLP by generate a release code?

  1. kindly copy the uninstall Identification code from your client machine.
  2. Open up epo console -> DLP help desk.
  3. Fill in the details below , paste the uninstall Identification code in the Identification code section and then click on Generate key.

How do I install DLP?

Ensure that Data Protection Service is enabled in Agents > Agent Management > Settings > Additional Service Settings.

  1. Go to Agents > Agent Management.
  2. Select the agents where Apex One Data Protection will be deployed to.
  3. Click Settings > DLP Settings.
  4. Click OK on the pop-up.
  5. Click policies.
  6. In the new window, click Add.