How do I upload Mer logs to McAfee?

How do I get McAfee Mer logs?

Capture the MER log before you contact McAfe Enterprise Technical Support for ePO 5. x and MA 5. x issues.


  1. Select the appropriate platform and download the MER tool.
  2. Reproduce the issue. …
  3. Run the MER tool and capture a full MER log.

How do I run Mer with McAfee?

Run the tool on the computer for which you need the report:

Right-click Mer.exe , and select Run as Administrator. NOTE: If you downloaded a ZIP file, you need to extract the Mer.exe file first. Select the Language. Click I accept the ‘End user License Agreement’, and then click Next.

What is Mer logs in McAfee?

The Minimum Escalation Requirements (MER) tool is used by Customer Service to collect data about your McAfee software installation and Windows environment. Customer Service uses the data to analyze and diagnose any McAfee-related problems with your system.

How do I run ePO Mer tool?

From ePO, check in the Deployment package: Click Menu, Software, Master Repository, and then click Check In Package. When you see the Check In Package wizard, select the package type, and then browse to and select MER-FOR-EPO-x.x.x-DEPLOYMENTPKG.

What is Mer for ePO?

The MER for ePO tool runs MER through ePO. This product targets corporate users, where the administrator manages several computers through ePO. Its purpose is to enable the ePO administrator to run MER on client computers and collect results and logs.

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What is McAfee profiler?

Profiler gathers statistics from systems that show how on-access scan is affecting the CPU. Profiler captures top files and processes that on-access scan accesses. Based on the data collected, administrators can decide if they want to exclude a file or a process from scanning to reduce the impact on the system.