Is Xfinity xFi secure?

Is Xfinity router secure?

On the open SSID, Xfinity WiFi supports 128-bit encryption at sign-in, similar to the encryption used by financial services apps and websites. Users of open hotspots should always be mindful of what private information and data they expose while connected.

Can Xfinity xFi see browsing history?

Can Xfinity XFi see browsing history? The short answer is no, the Xfinity XFi has not been designed to store internet or browsing history of users on a home network.

How do I know if my Xfinity WiFi is secure?

Secure Xfinity hotspots are named “XFINITY” and have a lock symbol next to them in your WiFi settings screen. A secure hotspot provides a connection using industry-leading standards for encryption. Unsecure Xfinity hotspots are named “xfinitywifi” and are open for public use.

What can Xfinity xFi see?

Called Xfinity xFi, the new digital dashboard also lets users see what devices are connected and their usage data;, set parental controls and WiFi passwords; troubleshoot issues; and set up WiFi.

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How do I make my Xfinity WiFi more secure?


  1. Connect to your WiFi network and go to, and sign in. …
  2. Once logged in, you can go to Gateway > Connection > Wi-Fi.
  3. To change your Security Mode, select Edit next to Security Mode, then select your WPA2 mode.
  4. Once your desired option is selected, hit Save Settings and you should be all set.

How do I secure my Xfinity WiFi?

You’re good to automatically connect to secure Xfinity WiFi hotspots as soon as you turn on your phone. To auto-connect to unsecure public xfinitywifi, it just takes one click to access hotspots within range. Go to Settings > WiFi, then from the list of in-range networks, select “xfinitywifi.”

Can xFi track websites?

Xfinity’s Privacy Commitment

The company doesn’t track websites that the client visits or any applications that they use. As they don’t track any information, Xfinity doesn’t have the ability to build customer profiles and has never sold any personal data to anyone.

How do I clear my Xfinity WiFi history?

How Do I Clear My Wi-Fi Router History?

  1. Log into your router via your web browser.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Click System.
  4. Click System Log. This may also be called Administration, History, or Logs depending on your router.
  5. Click Clear All or Delete All.
  6. Click yes or agree. …
  7. Your logs are now deleted.

How long does Xfinity keep Internet history?

Comcast currently maintains Internet Protocol address log files for a period of 180 days. If Comcast is asked to respond for information relating to an incident that occurred beyond this period, we will not have responsive information and can not fulfill a legal request.

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How do I turn off xFi security?

Disabling Advanced Security

  1. Tap on the Person icon ( ) in the top-left corner on the Overview screen.
  2. Scroll down to More Resources. Then, tap xFi Advanced Security.
  3. Tap Turn Off.
  4. Toggle the setting off.

Why is my Xfinity WiFi unsecured?

This is a public, unsecured network always called “xfinitywifi.” Because Comcast uses both business and residential customer modems to broadcast this network, you see it very frequently. The fact that Comcast uses its own customer’s private hardware to broadcast the secondary public network is an issue in itself.

What is xfinity xFi advanced security?

Xfinity xFi Advanced Security delivers a smarter, more personalized security solution for your home network. From computers and mobile phones to home security cameras and smart thermostats, Advanced Security protects all of your connected devices for added peace of mind.

Can browsing history be tracked through WiFi?

Yes, definitely. A WiFi owner can see what websites you visit while using WiFi as well as the things that you search on the Internet. There are lots of routers with a built-in tracking feature from companies like Netgear.

Do you need xFi Gateway?

You don’t have to get the xFi gateway with your Xfinity Internet plan. But if you do, you can use the Xfinity app to customize your Wi-Fi connection, including kicking devices off your Wi-Fi and setting parental controls.

Is Xfinity xFi a modem and router?

An Xfinity Internet modem + WiFi router in one, designed to deliver enhanced coverage and the benefits of xFi, our best WiFi experience.

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