Question: What is the difference between a child in need and child protection?

What defines a child as being in need?

Children in Need

A child in need is defined under the Children Act 1989 as a child who is unlikely to achieve or maintain a reasonable level of health or development, or whose health and development is likely to be significantly or further impaired, without the provision of services; or a child who is disabled.

What is meant by child protection?

Child protection is part of the safeguarding process. It focuses on protecting individual children identified as suffering or likely to suffer significant harm. This includes child protection procedures which detail how to respond to concerns about a child.

What does it mean when a child is on the child protection Register?

The child protection register is a confidential list of all children in the area who have been identified at a child protection conference as being at significant risk of harm.

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Can I refuse a child in need plan?

Yes, a child in need plan should be with your consent or the consent of a child who is old enough to consent. Here is a FAQ about the situation when there is a CIN plan and a parent no longer wants children services involved in their family.

Who is a child in need of care and protection?

definition of ‘child in need of care and protection’. It includes children who are vulnerable due. to social, economic or cultural disadvantages, such as those children found without any home. or settled place, or mentally or physically.

What are the two main laws for child protection?

The key pieces of legislation that you might be aware of are: The Children Act 1989 (as amended). The Children and Social Work Act 2017. Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019.

What are the 5 P’s of child protection?

Children’s (NI) Order 1995 The 5 key principles of the Children’s Order 1995 are known as the 5 P’s: Prevention, Paramountcy, Partnership, Protection and Parental Responsibility.

Why is child protection so important?

Examines child abuse and neglect and why prevention of child maltreatment is important because it can be avoided and because abuse and neglect can lead to negative consequences such as depression, developmental delays, and risk of developing substance abuse during adulthood.

What is the most common reason for a child protection plan?

The number of children subject to a CPR due to physical abuse and multiple causes has increased, while there has been a decrease in referrals for neglect, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. Scotland emotional abuse and parental substance misuse are the most common reasons for being on a CPR.

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How long can a child be on a child in need plan?

Most Child in Need Plans will envisage that Children’s Services intervention will end within twelve months. However, some children and families may require longer term support, for example children with disabilities.

How long can a child stay on a child protection plan?

How long will my child have a child protection plan for? Usually a child will require a child protection plan for no longer than two years. By that stage the work undertaken with the family usually means that the child is no longer at risk.

Is a child in need plan serious?

‘Child in need’ is a less serious category of case that requires less intensive support.

How often are child in need visits?

A review Child in Need meeting will be held at least every 6 weeks. Visits should be at least every 20 working days. The visit frequency must be agreed within the initial Child in Need meeting and must take into consideration the unique situation of the child and family.

What happens after child protection plan?

After a child protection conference, the people who were there will make a plan to protect your child – this is called a ‘child protection plan’. Check who can go to a child protection conference. You’ll get a copy of the plan from a social worker. If the plan changes later, you should get copies of the changes.