What are the powers of central consumer protection authority?

What are the power of the central authority?

Powers of the Central Government of India

The Central Government regulates trade and trade affairs between states and foreign trade; It has the power to declare war, raise and maintain the armed forces. It can also conducts diplomacy and authorize treaties with foreign countries.

What are the functions of the Central Consumer Protection Council?

The objects of the Central Consumers Protection Council and State Consumers Protection Councils are to promote and protect the rights of the consumers, such as: (a) The right to be protected against marketing of goods and services which are hazardous to life and property.

What are the functions any five of the Central Consumer Protection Council *?

CCPA will carry out the following functions, including: (i) inquiring into violations of consumer rights, investigating and launching prosecution at the appropriate forum; (ii) passing orders to recall goods or withdraw services that are hazardous, reimbursement of the price paid, and discontinuation of the unfair …

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What do you mean by Central Consumer Protection Authority?

Central Consumer Protection Authority is a regulatory authority set up under Section 10(1) of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 in relation to matters affecting rights of consumers by individuals or entities following improper trade practices or by display of inappropriate or wrong advertisements affecting public …

What are the powers provided to the Central Government by Environment Protection Act 1986?

The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 authorizes the central government to protect and improve environmental quality, control and reduce pollution from all sources, and prohibit or restrict the setting and /or operation of any industrial facility on environmental grounds.

What are the authorities under Consumer Protection Act?

The Department looks after the establishment and functioning of Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), the apex consumer court. Also constitution of Central Consumer Protection Council is done by Consumer Protection Division.

What is the power of Central Consumer Protection Authority as per Consumer Protection Act, 2019?

The New Act provides power to Central Government to establish Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) to regulate matters relating to violation of rights of Consumers, unfair trade practices and false or misleading advertisements which are prejudicial to the interests of public and Consumer and to promote, protect …

Does Central Consumer Protection Authority have suo moto powers *?

Such goods can be dangerous, hazardous and risk causing harm to consumers. CCPA has taken suo-moto cognizance of unfair trade practices involving the sale of such goods to consumers.

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What are the features of Consumer Protection Act 1986?

Features of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986

  • The Act provides for establishing three tier consumer dispute redressal machinery at the national, state and district level. …
  • District Forum– Each and every district has a District Consumer Disputes Redressal forum. …
  • State Forum– Each and every state has a state forum.

What are the main objectives of Consumer Protection Act of 1986?

The Consumer Protection Bill, 1986 seeks to provide for better protection of the interests of consumers and for the purpose, to make provision for the establishment of Consumer councils and other authorities for the settlement of consumer disputes and for matter connected therewith. (f) right to consumer education.