What is a moderate risk in safeguarding?

What is a moderate risk considered as?

The risk ratings are as follows: 1-3: Low risk. 4-6: Moderate risk. 8-12: High risk. 15-25: Severe risk.

What level of risk is Priority 3?

Risk Priority Number (RPN)

Severity of event (S) Ranking Current controls (C)
Low 5 Moderate
Very low 4 Moderately high
Minor 3 High
Very minor 2 Very high

What level of risk is a priority 1 in safeguarding?

A Priority 1 Job is typically a ‘999’ type of situation in which life is threatened and / or there is a likelihood of catastrophic damage to property: Fire or imminent risk of fire or an explosion.

What level of risk is priority?

The risk with the highest risk score is ranked first in priority, the risk with the next highest risk score is ranked second in priority and so forth. The closer the risk score is to one the higher the priority; the closer a risk score is to zero the lesser the priority.

What are priority levels?

A scale of the relative priority of facilities, assets, conditions, maintenance and other matters, which is determined by relative criticality. Purpose of Prioritization: To rank items in order from highest to lowest.

What is moderate priority?

Moderate Priority means the use of Tricentis Products is impaired, but not seriously. These are annoying and/or irritating errors. Sample 2. Sample 3.

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What is a priority 4?


Those victims with critical and potentially fatal injuries or illness are coded priority 4 or “Blue” indicating no treatment or transportation.

What are the 3 levels of risk?

We have decided to use three distinct levels for risk: Low, Medium, and High.