Which phones have secure folders?

Do phones come with Secure Folder?

Originally launched as part of Samsung Knox, Samsung Secure Folder comes pre-installed on many of Samsung’s modern smartphones. You can also find the app on the Play Store, compatible with any Samsung device running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher.

Does Android have a Secure Folder?

You can hide files in your Safe folder and control access with a PIN. This feature is available for Android 8.0 and up. Important: If you forget your PIN or Pattern, you can’t access your files.

Which Samsung devices support Secure Folder?


  • Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • Galaxy S22 | S22+
  • Galaxy Tab S8 | S8+ | S8 Ultra.
  • Galaxy A73 5G NEW.
  • Galaxy Z Fold3 5G.
  • Galaxy S21 FE | S21 | S21+ 5G.

Does Apple have a Secure Folder like Samsung?

On Samsung devices, for example, this is called a Secure Folder. iOS doesn’t have a direct native analog, but there are a variety of third-party apps that allow users to password protect data. Just look up “private photo” or “photo safe” on the App Store.

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Does Samsung A12 have Secure Folder?

Every Samsung phone, including the Galaxy A12, has the “Secure Folder” feature. You can use the secure folder to protect your private photos, messages, apps, contacts, files, etc., from being accessed by others. It’s a great way to save and protect sensitive data on your phone.

Where is Samsung Secure Folder stored?

Where is Secure Folder stored? Your Secure Folder will be available for you to use like any other Android app on your device. Look for the Secure Folder app shortcut on your phone’s home screen or in its app drawer.

Is Samsung Secure Folder safe?

It acts, effectively, as a secure phone within a phone. The data within that folder is not accessible to anyone who may have access to the phone itself, including malicious attackers, law enforcement or friends and family.

How do I hide a Secure Folder on my Samsung?

You can hide the Secure Folder icon and related menus by turning off Show Secure Folder.

  1. Drag down the quick panel.
  2. Tap the Secure Folder icon to hide your Secure Folder contents, including: …
  3. If you want to show your Secure Folder information again, re-tap the Secure Folder icon in the quick panel.

What is Samsung Secure Folder?

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. This update is available for Samsung Mobile with Android 7.0 and above. Secure Folder leverages the defence-grade Samsung Knox security platform to create a private, encrypted space on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Does Samsung a22 have Secure Folder?

Apparently, it doesn’t have a secure folder https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.fonearena.com/blog/345094/samsung-galaxy-a22-5g-unboxing-first-im…

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Where can I find Secure Folder?

On your phone, go to the Settings app, and then select Biometrics and Security > Secure Folder. On some phones, the first menu may be “Lock Screen and Security” or just “Security.”

Does A21s have Secure Folder?

Samsung Secure Folder utilizes the Knox security platform to create an encrypted, private space on the Galaxy devices. However, the said feature is currently not supported on the Galaxy A21s.

Does iPhone have anything like Secure Folder?

There are plenty of free options available, such as Folder Lock, Private Photo Vault, and Secret Photo Vault, that you can find on the App Store. Feel free to give them a try to see if you like them before committing to an in-app purchase.

Does iPhone have a secret folder?

Find the Hidden album

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, the Hidden album is on by default, but you can turn it off. When you turn off the Hidden album, any photos or videos that you’ve hidden won’t be visible in the Photos app. To find the Hidden album: Open Photos and tap the Albums tab.

Are files on iPhone secure?

Data protection is an iOS feature that you use to secure your app’s files and prevent unauthorized access to them. Data protection is enabled automatically when the user sets an active passcode for the device. You read and write your files normally, but the system encrypts and decrypts your content behind the scenes.