Why is awareness of information security practice important?

Why is information security awareness important?

Security awareness training helps to minimize risk thus preventing the loss of PII, IP, money or brand reputation. An effective awareness training program addresses the cybersecurity mistakes that employees may make when using email, the web and in the physical world such as tailgaiting or improper document disposal.

What is the main purpose of information security awareness training?

What is the main purpose of security awareness training? To prevent otherwise avoidable cyberattacks taking place. Businesses that employ security awareness training see improvements in their ability to fend off attacks and keep themselves from harm.

What is the importance of information assurance awareness training and education?

By participating in information assurance awareness, training and education, members of the U-M community can help reduce the risk of data breaches, maintain compliance with applicable laws, regulations, contractual agreements, and U-M policies, and ultimately help protect U-M systems and data.

What are the benefits of a security awareness training and education program for an organization?

Seven benefits of security awareness training [Updated 2019]

  • Training reduces errors. …
  • Training enhances security. …
  • An educated staff increases compliance. …
  • Security training can help protect a company’s reputation (and possibly save the company itself). …
  • Education helps morale. …
  • Your company will save time and money.
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What security awareness is required for information systems?

An effective employee security awareness program should make it clear that everyone in the organization is responsible for IT security. Auditors should pay close attention to six areas covered in the program: data, networks, user conduct, social media, mobile devices, and social engineering.

Why is IT important for security operatives to contribute to improving practices?

Investing in security awareness training helps you build a more robust technological defence against the obviously costly breaches. Because technological defences require input from people, setting your employees on a path to being more security conscious is the only way to go.

What do you understand by security awareness?

Security awareness is the knowledge and attitude members of an organization possess regarding the protection of the physical and, especially, information assets of that organization.

How can a greater awareness of security best practices help you in your current job?

Cultivating A Security-Focused Culture

Being informed creates a better workplace culture. By establishing cybersecurity as a priority, employees can help keep each other accountable for best practices and support each other in safe technology use.