Your question: How many cameras does UniFi Protect?

Does UniFi Protect other cameras?

What cameras and other devices are compatible? UniFi Protect is compatible with all G2, G3, and G4 cameras and doorbells with the prefix UVC (UVC, UVC-G3, and UVC-G4), as well as all Protect IoT devices with UFP and UP prefixes.

How many cameras can the UNVR support?

The UNVR Pro is a UniFi OS Console that runs the pre-installed UniFi Protect application and has a 7-drive hard disk drive (HDD) bay that offers the greatest storage capacity of any UniFi OS Console. The powerful, easy-to- use UNVR Pro can be deployed in minutes and support systems with up to 60 cameras.

How many cameras can UniFi Dream Machine Pro?

View up to 20 live camera feeds in a single window.

How many cameras UDM Pro support?

You can display the image from as many as 20 cameras simultaneously (in one window), having access to the view in live mode. You can also quickly access the basic and advanced options and select the appropriate template to suit your needs. Click to enlarge!

Is UniFi Protect worth it?

Unifi Protect does a great job of finding the perfect balance between flexibility and ease-of-use. You can choose between a wide variety of cameras, which you can all install with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) and get it up and running in a couple of minutes.

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How do I access UniFi video?

The UniFi Video configuration portal is accessed by using a web browser. There are two ways to access the portal: Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool For users with a DHCP‑enabled LAN and using the Chrome browser. Direct Connection to UniFi NVR Configure the UniFi NVR by connecting it directly to your computer via Ethernet.

How do I reset Unifir UniFi?

Press and hold the Reset button (the crescent moon button) located below the Power button for 10+ seconds. The device will take up to 60+ seconds to restore the default configuration and return to the original factory version.

How many users can UDM Pro handle?

The UDM Pro can also support at least 24 UniFi Protect devices.

How loud is UniFi Dream Machine Pro?

The UniFi Dream Machine tops out at about 850Mbps with intrusion detection enabled which left the UDM Pro as the only Ubiquiti option available. Checking online and with people who already had one indicated that the noise level would be acceptable 5 so that’s what I ordered.

Is UniFi a good firewall?

And the UDM Pro is no lightweight when it comes to performance: Ubiquiti claims a high firewall throughput of 3.5Gbits/sec with IDP/IPS enabled – quite remarkable at this price point. It’s achieved thanks to a speedy 1.7GHz quad-core ARM CPU, partnered with a generous 4GB of DDR4 RAM and 16GB of flash storage.

How many devices can dream machine handle?

The managed gigabit switch lets you connect four devices, or network switches for even more wired ports.

What does UDM Pro do?

This allows you to manage all your UniFi devices, including access points and switches, from one interface. The UDM-Pro runs UniFi OS, which means it can also run the UniFi Protect, UniFi Talk and UniFi Access software if needed. UniFi Protect is their network video recording software.

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