Your question: What is the child safeguarding review panel?

What is a safeguarding panel?

The National Safeguarding Panel (NSP) supports NGBs in the professional management of safeguarding complaints and concerns. It provides three key services: Independent investigations and reviews into safeguarding complaints and concerns; and. Independent arbitration in place of a NGB’s disciplinary or appeals panel.

What is a child safeguarding practice review?

The purpose of a child safeguarding practice review is for agencies and individuals to learn lessons that improve the way in which they work, both individually and collectively, to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

What is a child safeguarding board?

Local Safeguarding Children Boards are the key statutory mechanism for agreeing how the relevant organisations in each local area cooperate to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, with the purpose of holding each other to account and ensuring that safeguarding children remains high on the agenda across the …

What is the purpose of a serious case review safeguarding?

When a child dies, or is seriously harmed, as a result of abuse or neglect, a case review is conducted to identify ways that local professionals and organisations can improve the way they work together to safeguard children.

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What is the purpose of the national child safeguarding practice review panel?

The Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel is an independent panel commissioning reviews of serious child safeguarding cases. The panel wants national and local reviews to focus on improving learning, professional practice and outcomes for children.

What is the function of the National Review Panel?

provide a summary of why relevant decisions by professionals were taken. critique how agencies worked together and identify any shortcomings. consider whether any shortcomings are features of practice in general. consider what would need to be done differently to prevent harm occurring to a child in similar …

Is safeguarding review a statutory review?

This is a statutory responsibility. The overall purpose of a Safeguarding Adult Review is to promote learning and improve practice, not to re-investigate or to apportion blame. The objectives include establishing: lessons that can be learnt from how professionals and their agencies work together.

What are practice reviews?

A practice review is a reflective process that examines a provider’s engagement with a participant or group of participants, and improvements that can be made to their experience of the supports and services being delivered by the provider.

Who forms part of the safeguarding Board?

Membership of SABs – Members

the local authority. clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) the police – specifically the chief officer of police.

What is a safeguarding risk assessment?

A risk assessment is a careful examination of what, in your area of work, could cause harm to people so that you can assess whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm.

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Who forms a safeguarding Board?

The Safeguarding Partners will be a team of key professionals from three sectors: the local authority; the clinical commissioning group for any area that falls under the local authority; and the chief officer of police for any area that falls under the local authority.

Why are case reviews needed?

Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) are one of the mechanisms through which organisations can learn to protect children better. Reviews which focus on identifying learning can help organisations to change, and become environments in which both the systems and practice can be safely challenged and improved.

What happens at a serious case review?

They commission a review that involves all practitioners who may be relevant or have information that will help to provide learning for future practice. A serious child safeguarding case is one in which: abuse or neglect of a child is known or suspected. the child has died or been seriously harmed.

What is a case review?

Case review is a process by which the MDT regularly convenes to: Discuss the family’s well-being. To share information efficiently. To determine what additional information is needed by various MDT members.