Are Ruger SR9 and Security 9 magazines the same?

Can the Ruger Security-9 use SR9 magazine?

The magazine is compatible with the Security-9® pistol, PC Carbine™ and PC Charger™ with the SR9/S9 magazine well insert installed. The magazine can hold up to 17 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

What magazines work in a Ruger SR9?

ProMag Ruger SR9 Magazine 9mm Luger 32 Rounds Steel Blued RUG-A34 ProMag Ruger SR9 Magazine 9mm Luger 32 Rounds Stee… ProMag Ruger SR9 9mm Magazine 17 Rounds Blued Steel RUG-A33 ProMag Ruger SR9 9mm Magazine 17 Rounds Blued Stee…

Is the Ruger Security-9 the same size as a Glock 19?

When talking about sizes, the Ruger Security 9 is overall 7.24” long. It is 1.1” wide and features a 4” long barrel. The Glock 19 is 7.36” long and 1.26” wide. And it is equipped with a 4.01” long barrel.

What magazines are compatible with Ruger SR9c?

For Your Ruger SR9c (From $32.50) The Maglula Uplula for your Ruger SR9c will work very well for you. Works with all 9mm mags. This device is especially beneficial on newer mags and final rounds where there tends to be added resistance.

Does Ruger Security 9 take Glock mags?

For those not familiar, the PC Carbine is a 9mm Takedown rifle which can use either Ruger or Glock magazines. And the PC Charger is the compact version – bigger than a handgun, but smaller than a rifle. The Security 9 is a traditional 9mm handgun, available in both compact and full size.

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Who makes Ruger SR9?

Ruger® SR9® 9mm (32) Rd – Blue Steel – ProMag Industries.

Are Ruger 9mm magazines interchangeable?

Ruger calls it the 9mm PC carbine. Introduced just before the end of the year, the weapon features a 16-inch barrel and an interchangeable magazine well, allowing it to take any 9mm magazine.

Is the Ruger Security-9 reliable?

The Ruger Security-9 in the Slate Blue color looks great. This pistol is an accurate and very reliable handgun that is value-priced just right. Never once did it fail to feed, fire, chamber, or eject a round. The front and rear slide serrations are usually not found on a budget pistol.

Is the Ruger Security-9 a good carry gun?

The bottom line is that the Ruger Security-9 is a great carry pistol. It’s slim and light (on par with a compact Glock) which makes basically any pistol a contender for carrying. To add to that, the magazine capacity is the industry standard of fifteen rounds in the magazine plus one in the chamber.

Which is better Ruger or Glock?

The Glock is more accurate, but the Ruger has a better trigger pull. The Ruger costs substantially less money than the Glock, but doesn’t have the Glock’s extensive range of aftermarket accessories. The Ruger was not as mechanically accurate as the Glock. It is, however, almost half the price.