Frequent question: What benefits does Dell Technologies data protection provide to customers with virtual environments?

Which feature of Dell EMC data protection Suite helps ensure data is protected to meet business service level objectives?


Because there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution, Dell EMC has designed the Data Protection Suite Family based on enabling you to meet service levels that align to your business objectives.

Which solutions are included with the Dell EMC data protection Suite?

Explore Data Protection Suite

Unified backup and recovery software for the enterprise: deduplication, backup to disk and tape, snapshots, replication and NAS. Protects both physical and virtual environments including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

What is Dell EMC data protection?

The Dell EMC Data Protection Suite is a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution for organizations of all types and sizes.

What is data protection Suite?

Data Protection Suite provides a single dashboard view across multiple systems and multiple sites to streamline processes and provide business insight. Global oversite of application backups ensures compliance and governance. Industry leading deduplication and performance.

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What is a unique benefit of CyberSense?

Only CyberSense delivers full- content analytics with every scan of the data to detect even the most sophisticated ransomware attacks that can easily go undetected by lightweight scanning tools that only inspect metadata.

What components are included in the Dell EMC data protection software?

Data Protection Suite

  • Comprehensive backup and recovery.
  • Continuous replication for any Point-in-Time recovery.
  • Application consistent protection with governance and oversight.
  • Cloud disaster recovery.
  • VMware integration.

What is data protection solution?

Data protection solutions safeguard information from loss through a combination of data backup, recovery, and security. A data protection solution is highly advantageous—and absolutely essential when you have critical information, files, and systems you can’t afford to lose.

What is Dell Power store?

Dell EMC PowerStore is a next-generation midrange data storage solution targeted at customers who are looking for value, flexibility, and simplicity. PowerStore provides our customers with data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that supports both traditional and modern workloads.

What is Dell NetWorker?

NetWorker is a backup and recovery software that centralizes, automates, and accelerates backup and recovery with a wide range of data protection options to safeguard critical business.

What is Dell data protection software?

Dell Data Protection | Security Tools (DDP | ST) is an end-to-end security solution included with all Dell Precision, Latitude and OptiPlex systems. DDP | ST offers advanced authentication options to help you keep unauthorized users out of your data and out of your business.

Why should you include data protection with every storage deal?

The importance of data protection increases as the amount of data created and stored continues to grow at unprecedented rates. There is also little tolerance for downtime that can make it impossible to access important information.

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What is Data Domain Virtual Edition?

Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) is a software-only protection storage appliance: a virtual deduplication appliance that provides data protection for entry, enterprise and service provider environments. Like any Data Domain system, DD VE is always paired with backup software.

What is Dell EMC Avamar?

Dell EMC Avamar enables fast, efficient backup and recovery through its integrated variable-length deduplication technology. Avamar is optimized for fast, daily full backups of physical and virtual environments, NAS servers, enterprise applications, remote offices and desktops/laptops.

What is a Data Domain system?

Data Domain is an inline deduplication storage system, which has revolutionized disk-based backup, archiving, and disaster recovery that utilizes high-speed processing.

What is data protection Cohesity?

Cohesity DataProtect is a high-performance, software-defined backup and recovery solution designed for the cloud era. Designed for hyperscale, it offers the most comprehensive policy-based protection for both traditional and modern data sources.