Frequent question: Which forests are called protected forests?

Which forests were known as protected forests?

Answer: A reserved forest were also known as a protected forest that was under judicial and constitutional protection during the times of British rule. Explanation: Sariska National Park is an example of a ‘reserved’ forest.

Which forest is protected in India?

List of Reserve Forests of India

No Name State
3 Attappadi Reserve Forest Kerala
4 Sholayar Reserve Forest Kerala
5 Palani Hills Forest Conservation Area Tamil Nadu
6 Kondapalli Reserve Forest Andhra Pradesh

How many protected forests are there in India?

Protected Areas of India

Year No. of National Parks No. of Protected Areas
2017 103 769
2018 104 771
2019 101 903
2020 104 981

What are reserved and protected forests?

A. Reserved forests are open to the public whereas protected forests aren’t. B. In reserved forests, activities like lumbering, grazing and hunting are allowed whereas in protected forests, all activities are banned.

What are protected forests Class 10?

Like sanctuaries, zoo, national parks and other animal rescue centres, the reserved forest is a protected forest with a natural habitat with a high degree of protection from all activities, such as hunting, poaching, grazing, cutting of trees.

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How many forests are protected?

How much forest is legally protected around the world? Approximately 20 percent of global forest area is currently under some form of legal protection.

What is protected forest Class 8?

Protected forest : Protected Forest of India are natural areas where the habitat and resident wild species have certain degree of protection. There are two types of protected forest in India,demarcated and undemarcated protected forest.

In which state are protected forest situated?

Recorded Forests can be broadly classified into three categories Reserved Forests (416,516 sq. km). Protected Forests (223,309 sq.

2.1 Forest Resources – Status and Trends.

States/Union Territories (UTs) Forest Madhya Pradesh
Reserved Forest 82,700
Protected Forest 66,678
Unclassed Forest 5,119
Total Area 154,497

Is Tiger Reserve a protected area?

There are four categories of protected areas in India, constituted under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Tiger reserves consist of areas under national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. There are 52 tiger reserves in India.

What are three types of protected areas?


  • Protected Area Categories. Category Ia: Strict Nature Reserve. Category Ib: Wilderness Area. Category II: National Park. Category III: Natural Monument or Feature. Category IV: Habitat/Species Management Area. Category V: Protected Landscape/Seascape. …
  • Congresses.
  • IUCN Headquarters.

Which is the first protected area of India?

Solution(By Examveda Team)

The first wildlife reserve of India, Jim Corbett National Park or ‘Corbett Tiger Reserve’ is situated in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It covers 1318 sq km of area, in which 500 sq. km is the core area and rest part is the buffer zone.

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What is protected in national parks?

America’s national parks protect a diverse range of landscapes: beaches, mountains, wetlands, prairies, sandy dunes, forests, lakeshores, and more. They make up some 85 million acres in total and are home to some of the most stunning native wildlife and natural habitats in the world.

What are protected areas give examples?

Protected areas of India include National parks, Wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves, reserved and protected forests, conservation and community reserves, communal forests, private protected areas and conservation areas.