What are the different ways to apply port security on the access ports of layer 2 switch?

What are the different ways you can secure using the port security concepts?

Port security implements two traffic filtering methods, dynamic locking and static locking. These methods can be used concurrently. Dynamic locking. You can specify the maximum number of MAC addresses that can be learned on a port.

How do I secure a Layer 2 switch?

Layer 2 Security Best Practices

  1. Manage the switches in a secure manner. …
  2. Restrict management access to the switch so that untrusted networks are not able to exploit management interfaces and protocols such as SNMP.
  3. Always use a dedicated VLAN ID for all trunk ports.
  4. Be skeptical; avoid using VLAN 1 for anything.

What are the three types of port security?

On Cisco equipment there are three different main violation types: shutdown, protect, and restrict.

How do I enable port security on a port?

To configure port security, three steps are required:

  1. define the interface as an access interface by using the switchport mode access interface subcommand.
  2. enable port security by using the switchport port-security interface subcommand.
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What can the port security feature do?

The switchport security feature (Port Security) is an important piece of the network switch security puzzle; it provides the ability to limit what addresses will be allowed to send traffic on individual switchports within the switched network.

How many types of port security are there?

You can configure the port for one of three violation modes: protect, restrict, or shutdown. See the “Configuring Port Security” section. To ensure that an attached device has the full bandwidth of the port, set the maximum number of addresses to one and configure the MAC address of the attached device.

What is Layer 2 port security?

The main function of Port Security of layer 2 switching is to identify the frame address and filter the packets. When a secure port receives a frame, the source and destination MAC address of the frame compared with the MAC address table.

Which layer of the OSI model does port security use for securing a port?

Network security is only as strong as the weakest link, because a single weak point if exploited successfully would be enough for an intruder. That weak link can be the data link layer or layer 2 of the OSI reference model.

What does port security block unauthorized access?

A. Port security blocks unauthorized access by examining the source address of a network device.

What is a port security?

Port security is part of a broader definition concerning maritime security. It refers to the defense, law and treaty enforcement, and counterterrorism activities that fall within the port and maritime domain.

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How do you show port security?

To check and analyze the port security configuration on switch, user needs to access privilege mode of the command line interface. ‘show port-security address’ command is executed to check the current port security status.

How is port security implemented?

1) Your switch interface must be L2 as “port security” is configure on an access interface. You can make your L3 switch port to an access interface by using the “switchport” command. 2) Then you need to enable port security by using the “switchport port-security” command.

Can we configure port security on trunk ports?

Port security supports trunks. –On a trunk, you can configure the maximum number of secure MAC addresses both on the trunk and for all the VLANs on the trunk. –You can configure the maximum number of secure MAC addresses on a single VLAN or a range of VLANs.

What device would you use to configure port security?

What can you do? Configure port security on the switch. You’ve just enabled port security on an interface of a Catalyst 2950 switch. You want to generate an SNMP trap whenever a violation occurs.

What is the correct syntax to enable port security on an interface?

Use the switchport port-security command to enable port-security. I have configured port-security so only one MAC address is allowed. Once the switch sees another MAC address on the interface it will be in violation and something will happen.